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A land loan is similar to a home loan where an individual will seek financing to purchase a block of land. Generally, the intent of the land loan is to eventually build a property on it without a specified time line.

Our Land Loan Application Process

The process to get your land loan can be broken down to six simple steps.

  1. Apply online or talk to one of our expert land loan brokers to determine your borrowing power
  2. Search for your potential new block of land
  3. Place an offer or a bid
  4. Finalise your finance
  5. Sign the contract
  6. Settle

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With over 30 trusted land loan lenders, be sure to find the most suitable land loan rate to suit your lifestyle.

What to consider when choosing a land loan


When choosing a land loan, the size of the vacant land will determine the deposit required to acquire the loan. This will vary for each lender but generally, for a vacant piece of land up to 11 hectares, you could borrow up 95% of the land value including LMI. However, the larger the land, the larger a deposit the lender will require.


The location of the land is very important in securing a land loan. The location, accessibility, and zoning are what the lender will assess before you’re able to secure a loan. This means it’s easier to secure a loan for land that is in a more central location in a city or regional area and is accessible by main (or sealed) roads. It’s also important to verify the zoning laws for the land as required for residential use.


As lending for vacant land is a bigger risk for lenders, having the intention to build in the near future can assist in securing your land loan.

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