A home loan health check could save you thousands

Most Aussies could be saving thousands if they regularly did a Home Loan Health Check.

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    What is a home loan health check?

    A home loan health check shows you whether you currently have the most suitable loan option for you.

    By completing a home loan health check, you could get:

    1. Peace of Mind: and confirm it remains in your best interests based on your financial situation.
    2. Lower Repayments: if there’s a lower interest rate available to you.
    3. Rainy Day Fund: by keeping your repayments and term the same and borrow more for a rainy day.
    4. Shorten your term: With a lower interest rate and the same repayments, you can pay your loan off faster and save.
    5. Simplify your Loan: by consolidating some of your other loans into one, simple, lower repayment.
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    Finding the right home loan doesn’t have to be a challenge, as your online mortgage broker, we can help you find the most suitable home loan. With access to over 30 home loan lenders, we thoroughly assess your situation to ensure that your home loan is the most suitable option for you.

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    At Finwise Home Loans, we strive to make the complex and complicated home loan process easy and simple for you – ensuring you get a suitable home loan option. Purchasing a property, whether it’s your first home, an investment or a commercial property, is an undertaking in itself. We do all the groundwork in comparing rates, terms and loans, ensuring you secure a property loan with the most favourable terms available.

    Our experienced team of highly qualified mortgage brokers can help you find the most suitable home loan option for you. We keep you informed every step of the process and can advise you on the options in your best interest.

    We provide a highly personalised service and have built strong relationships with Australia’s leading lenders, which means we have access to options that may not be directly available to you.